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Map-Reduce with MongoDB and Morphia

Just a note to record the usage of Map-Reduce with MongoDB and Morphia. Firstly, add the Morphia dependency.


The syntax of MapReduceCommand in Morphia as shown in MapReduceCommand.java:

public MapReduceCommand(
    DBCollection inputCollection, 
    String map, 
    String reduce, 
    String outputCollection, 
    OutputType type, 
    DBObject query) {
    // Compiled Code    

Here we want to group the sales amount (i.e., subtotal) of each county and exclude the null-subtotal from collection. And without persisting outputs to the new collection. A sample code as shown in below:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Morphia morphia = new Morphia();
    Datastore ds = morphia.createDatastore(mongo, dbName);

    String map = "function() { emit(this.buyerCounty,this.subtotal);}";
    String reduce = "function(k, v) {return Array.sum(v);}";

    DBObject query = new BasicDBObject("buyerCounty", new BasicDBObject("$ne", null));
    DBCollection collection = ds.getCollection(Order.class);
    MapReduceCommand cmd = new MapReduceCommand(
    MapReduceOutput out = collection.mapReduce(cmd);

    for (DBObject o : out.results()) {
        System.out.println(o.get("_id") + " :: " + o.get("value"));

This is a portion of results, _id is the county and value is the sales amount of each county. :)

AMERICA :: 22700.0
南投縣 :: 178647.0
台中市 :: 960630.0
台北市 :: 2600085.0
台南市 :: 464212.0
台東縣 :: 8766.0
嘉義市 :: 7612.0